Saturday, 1 July 2017

vfr11 - confrontation - Aggregat 4 album (sold out)

RKE confrontation - Aggregat 4 pro cassette. Ritual killer edition limited to 36 hand numbered copies, WW II 20mm shell casing, sticker, patch, lyric & info cards.

  P-RKE16 - THIS VERSION WAS LIMITED TO ONLY 16 UNITS. same as the RKE version but everything stuffed into a d.i.y. tin can. 

Total 100 copies , I think.
Mechanized Death Doom at it's best.  

vfr10 - Carcass toss – demo I pro cassette (sold out)

Killer Primitive blackened d-beat Punk with a little Hellhammer on speed in the mix. Limited to 70 copies.
6 Track Halifax Blackened D Beat Punk Project Recorded in 2015 Members of Napalm Raid, Hellacaust, Grump, Bricks, Versifist & Life Chain

Vfr09 – Paganfire - ang susupil! kikitil! pro ape (sold out)

Paganfire - ang suspupil! kikitil! pro tape
Killer Blackened Thrash Attack from the Philippines. pro cassette tape limited 80 copies Total.
RKE limited 40 w/ d.i.y. Patch & sticker

Vfr08 - Goatholocaust - Satanik Kult Ov Inversion pro cassette (sold out)

Vfr08 - Goatholocaust - Satanik Kult Ov Inversion pro cassette
25 minutes of raw, sinister, perverted & primitive Black
Metal holocaust.
Goatholocaust have that Ancient Black Metal spirit, feel and
sound that could be found in the late 1980’s
& early 1990’s.
These tracks are taken from the 2004 split with Vociferian., repackaged and reissued on
Pro tape hand numbered of only 78 units
First 23 with art cards, with all new art work.

VFR06 – aRCHaIC - AKELARRE/REGRESSOR pro cassette tape (sold out)

aRCHaIC - AKELARRE/REGRESSOR pro cassette tape. limited edition of only 82 copies, first 50 with a d.i.y canvas patch.


This is how Doom Metal should sound and feel, This recording will bring you into a whole other dimension some of the best I've heard and Had to reissue this on ancient cassette format with all new art work and layout. Don't miss out. 

vfr05 - VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a - LP

VOCIFERIAN - - ɔ d ɔ ʀ a – Brand new Full Length Album

~RKE limited 100 copies , Frost/Ice color vinyl, gatefold jacket w/  ink on black, High quality 1.5" x 2" Metal Metallic cut logo pin/badge, sticker & 4" woven patch.

**The first 50 RKE come with a 12” x 24” Poster**

Regular edition 150 classic Black vinyl w/ the same amazing gatefold jacket with Gold printed cover

This is a true feeling in black metal music that is missing in today's rehashed, redone and over flooding the scene. The new Vociferian album stands apart from the herd and demands your ears and mind. If I had to use the term "elite" I would use it on this album. A good runner for the top Black Metal albums of the year.
Please support small underground labels and buy the bands music.

VFR04 - Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die 12" 10 years anniversary re-issue

Lüger – Kill, Worship, Die 12" 10 years anniversary re-issue

50 limited edition RITUAL KILLER EDITION color vinyl with Lüger war flag, sticker & button.
50 color vinyl w/insert
150 classic black vinyl w/insert

total only 250 copies! all with insert.


"The European band that influenced bands like Ampütatör, Father Befouled, and many other underground names over the US continent"

( very few classic black & color vinyl still available)

VFR03 - Cvltist – cassette tape (Sold out)

Worship Old time Ancient Black Metal played like the ancient masters of the early 1990s. (old dartkthrone, old mayhem, old von)

limited 100 copies w/ art card

Be on the look out for a brand new album fall 2017 from von frost records.

VFR02 - CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered – deluxe 10” (sold out)

Impious Speed Holocaust Metal UNLEASHED!

CONJÜRATÖR - Erosplattered - Deluxe 10” Vinyl Edition / LTD 250 UNITS!!

Three versions
-limited 36 units
-high quality metal belt buckle
-10"x20" poster
-Gold Foil stamped gatefold jacket
-Gold vinyl w/ black splatter
-limited 64 units
-10"x10" insert
-Gold Foil stamped gatefold jacket
-Gold vinyl w/ black splatter
Reg. Edition
-limited 150 units
-Classic Black vinyl
-Gold Foil stamped gatefold jacket  

VFR01 – Confrontation - Fieseler Fi 103 Cassette Tape (sold out!)

Crushing mechanical death doom CONFRONTATION. 

two version, Reg. edition and Ritual Killer Edition w/ dug up Canadian shell from the battlefields of WW 2 . also came with a poster , buttons & stickers. 

VFR00 - Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend Cassette Tape (sold out)

VFR00 - Goatholocaust – Satan Jugend Cassette Tape (sold out)

The very first von frost records release , June 2015
three versions reg. edition 
Killer Edition w/ patch
Ritual Killer Edition w/ patch, poster, signed band photo, button. 

Also just released 2017 on Classic Black Vinyl with all new art work.